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WOW! So the past few years have been a heck of a journey for me. I’ve met so many different sides of myself that I never would’ve comprehended existed! The amount of different characters that I’ve transformed into have often left me gazing in the mirror questioning who the fuck I actually am &&& if I’m even human!?!?

2013 was the year that I’d say I “woke up” spiritually”. There were some specific chains of events that I believe aided this awakening of mine (however I don’t particularly wish to share them right now). Everything changed. I became a different Latoya. A new Latoya. Something inside me snapped and I was carrying a new energy about me. But at times it was so new, so fresh, so intense that I was bound for self destruction (or at least that’s what it’d appear to come across as in the eyes of society). The minute I decided to actively persue fashion styling – it’s as if a part of my brain was unlocked and a new level of creativity took over my soul in more ways than one. I began swinging from ALLL angles. 

It’s as if Latoya the artist was officially born! 

I feel like when you’re living in such a system, then you suddenly “wake up” you’re bound to go abit insane at first and I did! 

It started with my style changing and me adopting a severe appreciation for the colour Black!

• Next was the creativity and me truely realising and unlocking these gifts. Which all seemed to come in abundance!

• Next was my sexuality. I became more in touch with my sexual side. I embraced this and displayed it via my style and actions: I wouldn’t say I was “promiscuous” but I definitely became much more open sexually!

• I literally just did anything I felt like doing. Which inevitably proved to be both benificial and detrimental. 

As much as I know that I was spiritually awakened. I’m also convinced that I had a new source of FIRE in my soul. A Darkness. Something was definitely troubling me and it’s almost as if I were constantly trying to exorcise myself of this something – which resulted in me having certain episodes. I began battling with some SERIOUS  demons. As a result I developed a profound ruthless and rebellious attitude – particularly toward the system. Now if you wanna talk 0-100, maaaate, I completely SNAPPED!!!

I’d eat in restaurants without paying (because I could no longer understand why we have to pay for something designed to keep us alive)

• I’d travel on the trains and tubes without paying (I used to bunk the oyster barriers) 

• I completely stopped paying my rent ~ which resulted in me being evicted from my council accommodation 

• I smashed up my TV and stopped reading newspapers

• I became somewhat notorious online: I would send for people anytime I strongly felt the need

•My makeup had “gothic” elements to it & I’d draw a black crucifix on my forehead 

• I walked the streets naked on at least 3 different occasions

• I attempted drug dealing

• I was sectioned in a psychiatric unit of a mental hospital for a month, after threatening to murder a racist white police officer

• I attempted to take my own life 

• I served time in jail on two separate occasions

• The type of people that I began to attract and get on with were on a DIFFERENT level


+ The End Of The World Is Near ++++++++++++++++++

It’s soO obvious. First off there is an unspoken spiritual and racial war underway. Donald Trump and his travel bans, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, and the Middle Easterns with their endless terror attacks. Evil forces are at work big time, a majority of folk are possessed- it’s all mad!!)

I strongly believe, in fact I know that the world is coming to an end. We are living in last days mate! Look! All of the tell tale signs are there: the advances in technology and the power it has over us, Donald Trump is the president of the USA……aaaaaannnnddddd the fucking famine kmt! The world that we live in today is in a unique state of darkness. I cannot believe that there is a bloodclart famine in 2017. How the fuck does that make sense please? What morally justifiable reason is there that people are being starved of the basic needs of human survival: foooood and waterrrrr! I find it absolutely outrageous that things are at this point in this day and age.

  • Secondly, humanity has changed sooO much. We’re all being brainwashed and controlled by technology via the internet. And this isn’t even exclusive to the Western world – it’s happening all over. We’re  so preoccupied by what’s happening online that we’re completely loosing ourselves in it. Folks are busy people pleasing and trying to gain popularity by any means, rather than genuinely being creative and looking inside themselves. Social media is really fucking with people’s self esteem. We’re so distracted. 
  • Children aren’t children anymore, they’re being robbed of having a proper childhood.
  • There’s a lack of authenticity in the creative industries- most things seem to have been seen and done already. Or people are copying others..
  • Mental health and suicide rates are at an all time high. 
  • An untimely amount of folk are “coming out” as “lesbian, bisexual, gay & transgender “
  • Battle of the sexes < nuff said
  • Most of the greats are dead…
  • A lot of people have a unanimously “fed up” state of mind and are looking for an escape.

Sometimes I blink and look around and question where the fuck I am?!?! For as long as I’m alive I know that I will always have an unsettled disposition with regards to the state of today’s world. I can only find peace and happiness deep within myself, my faith, my spirituality and my art. Other than that, fuck this world man, I’m not of the world ~ I am not here!!

P.S. I don’t care whether you’re religious or not ~ if you have ever taken the time out to read the “Revelations” chapter of the Christian Bible, you will undoubtedly notice some uncanny  parallels with what’s going on in the world ((especially if you understand the parables))


R.I.P Planet Earth…& u know what GOOD RIDDENS! 

+ Taking Risks Pays +

I’m a strong advocate of Risk Taking!  To me, taking a risk means overcoming a fear of the unknown and listening to your higher self: that voice of God in your head that keeps encouraging you to follow your dreams, your passions or simply just do whatever you believe in your heart. Even if it doesn’t seem totally logical or you could potentially end up “broke”. I believe that we learn a lot about ourselves by taking risks: it builds strength, character and resilience.

  • There are a lot of people out there that have done the same thing year in and year out and they feel trapped and unhappy. They have “what if’s” plaguing their thoughts, all because they’re afraid to take a leap of faith. 
  • Some are completely controlled by money and would rather remain in a profession or situation that they’ve grown to despise but still choose to stay because they’re afraid of being broke. The very idea of “not having enough money” is almost as equivalent to death which is really sad. 
  • Others are simply “people pleasers”, they’d rather be part of a crowd and do what is expected of them. They’re afraid of  standing out and staying true to themselves so they avoid the risk of facing any possible opposition. Plus they worry too much about the thoughts and opinions of others. 

Some of the world’s most inspirational and influential people were and are huge risk takers! They act more on a level of faith and confidence rather than logic alone. Things aren’t always going to be logical, as a matter of fact sometimes they may appear to make no sense at all – but if you maintain your faith and risk acting on faith alone (in some cases), you may actually find that you live an extremely fulfilling, purposeful and glorious life!!

+ My advice would be to stop living in fear and take a bloody risk. LIVE! +

+ Are Super Successful Dark Skinned Female Artists A Certified Thing Of The Past??? +++++++++++++++++++

To me, when I look at the music industry and the top artists of today, it’s ridiculously obvious that something is missing, something is really lacking and that is dark skinned female artists!! I feel like Beyonce (through no fault of her own of course) came through and fucked things up! 

I feel like we’re living in a very detrimental day and age for black females. The media has never been as powerful as it is today and the message that I get from it is that black women are not beautiful and valued, which I find very sad! The media tells me, as a young black female, that I must bleach my skin (or at least have a fair skin complexion) wear a weave or straighten my hair and have a full face of contoured makeup and articulate myself myself in a posh, westernised manner to be accepted by the mainstream world. Fuck that!

Now I’m not disputing the fact that there is a recent surgeance of black girls and women embracing their roots: going natural with their hair and embodying an Afro centric style ~ which is great! I do believe black women of the world are gradually barking up and getting their voices heard – it’s almost like a mini revolution’s underway. But it’s not powerful enough yet…

This is why I appreciate artists like Little Simz, Ray Blk and Laura Mvula. I fully support their movement and artistry. These are three incredibly talented and unique artists who, in my opinion are just as talented than most of the ladies topping the charts and have what it takes to be up there with the Beyonce’s and Adele’s. Plus they have strong, stimulating, thought evoking messages in their music (see ” Green Garden” by Laura Mvula, “Wings” by Little Simz and “Patience” by Ray Blk)…However I can’t help but question myself if they’d be more embraced and vastly catapulted to a greater level of super stardom if their skin were a few shades lighter ~ would they be more popular?? 

It’s strange because it’s almost like things have gone in reverse some how. For example if you’re a white girl with the attributes of an African woman (think Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner and Bebe Rexha) than you’re hailed and when you’re a black woman with western features like silky hair and a narrow nose (think Naomi Campbell) then you’re seen as extremely beautiful.It’s interesting . 

Have we all lost touch with who we naturally are?

Sometimes, this observation alone has been a strong driving force in my ambition. Sometimes I just wanna grow a massive Afro (which I actually am), take some singing lessons, throw on a kente dress and stand on the stage bare foot with no makeup and reprisent pure African women, a representation that is missing, completey ghost in the mainstream music industry! So look out world – Latoya might just come thru swinginggggggg loool!!

If Beyoncé looked like Alek Wek but still sang the songs that she sings etc..would she still have accumulated all of the success that she has. I do wonder? 

So! Will the world ever embrace a dark skinned female artist in the same way that they embrace Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Adele?! Who knows. I for sure would love to see that happen!

P.S. even though she isn’t necessarily dark skinned – I really do appreciate what Salonge Knowles is doing for the tribe: her creative direction and musical content are excellent representatives of a Black woman really owning and embracing who she is. She appears to have a great understanding of  herself and where she’s coming from. I believe her as an artist. What a bloody EMPRESS. Thankyou Solange!!X

Also Leanne Lahavis (or however u spell it) is super cute & Azealia Bankz is irrelevant.