I have soO much love for what society calls “Roadman” “Thugs” “Juveniles” etc… I really do! Believe it or not these are the type of folk that I get on with the most. These guys are soO misunderstood and rejected that it’s unbelievable – no wonder they end up committing such callous crimes at times.

The level of intelligence 

• The level of energy

• The heart

• The passion

• The level of talent

• The level of charisma

Yet time and time again the media wants to portray pictures of low life, notorious thugs that commit senseless crimes. I can assure you that this is never the case. Ever. It’s the system. 

• This fucking system. 

• This racist system. 

• This evil system

When a human being is born with a profound amount of energy and intelligence – yet they are born into oppression, a system and therefore trapped. They’re bound to snap and act out in certain ways. Particularly when they get to a certain age where they’re mature enough to make a conscious decision NOT to adapt into the “righteous”, robotic way of society and the system. 

Last year I made a decision to make some money via drug dealing. I had had enough! I’d made money legitimately by working paid jobs and I’d also had a stint of receiving benifits. I snapped and felt trapped so I decided to take a risk and touch the roads. The timing of the opportunity presented itself perfectly as well, it was mad! I felt confident, wise and smart enough to survive this kind of lifestyle. I was ready. All or nothing!……..Listen I lasted a week kmt. 1 week alone. That’s it. My character was too extreme and eccentric for the cause. After which, resulted in me attempting to take my life because I felt so incredibly lost and disappointed in myself. WHAT AN EPIC FAIL!!!

But during that week I met some of the most lovely, intelligent and spiritual guys that I’ve ever met in my life! I will never forget them and they will never know how much they helped me and opened my eyes. (Yes I already knew some roadmen and still do but I never attempted or associated myself with the lifestyle per say)…

It’s not easy you know – which is why I wanna SALUTE them! There are some God’s on road! Seriously powerful guys that are (believe it or not) profoundly in touch with energy and the universe – almost by default. Nah they’re God’s!

One way or another we’re all victims of the system in a sense. But these guys pretty much risk their freedom on a daily basis – just so that they can be free (if that even makes sense). It’s not their fault. They’re energy and intelligence is too high to be slowed down into the system or roboticness of society. 

I have a lot of love for you Road guys out there I can see your heart…



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