WOW! So the past few years have been a heck of a journey for me. I’ve met so many different sides of myself that I never would’ve comprehended existed! The amount of different characters that I’ve transformed into have often left me gazing in the mirror questioning who the fuck I actually am &&& if I’m even human!?!?

2013 was the year that I’d say I “woke up” spiritually”. There were some specific chains of events that I believe aided this awakening of mine (however I don’t particularly wish to share them right now). Everything changed. I became a different Latoya. A new Latoya. Something inside me snapped and I was carrying a new energy about me. But at times it was so new, so fresh, so intense that I was bound for self destruction (or at least that’s what it’d appear to come across as in the eyes of society). The minute I decided to actively persue fashion styling – it’s as if a part of my brain was unlocked and a new level of creativity took over my soul in more ways than one. I began swinging from ALLL angles.

It’s as if Latoya the artist was officially born! 

I feel like when you’re living in such a system, then you suddenly “wake up” you’re bound to go abit insane at first and I did!

It started with my style changing and me adopting a severe appreciation for the colour Black!

• Next was the creativity and me truely realising and unlocking these gifts. Which all seemed to come in abundance!

• Next was my sexuality. I became more in touch with my sexual side. I embraced this and displayed it via my style and actions: I wouldn’t say I was “promiscuous” but I definitely became much more open sexually!

• I literally just did anything I felt like doing. Which inevitably proved to be both benificial and detrimental. 

As much as I know that I was spiritually awakened. I’m also convinced that I had a new source of FIRE in my soul. A Darkness. Something was definitely troubling me and it’s almost as if I were constantly trying to exorcise myself of this something – which resulted in me having certain episodes. I began battling with some SERIOUS  demons. As a result I developed a profound ruthless and rebellious attitude – particularly toward the system. Now if you wanna talk 0-100, maaaate, I completely SNAPPED!!!

I’d eat in restaurants without paying (because I could no longer understand why we have to pay for something designed to keep us alive)

• I’d travel on the trains and tubes without paying (I used to bunk the oyster barriers) 

• I completely stopped paying my rent ~ which resulted in me being evicted from my council accommodation 

• I smashed up my TV and stopped reading newspapers

• I became somewhat notorious online: Trolling and tormenting. I would send for people anytime I strongly felt the need

•My makeup had “gothic” elements to it & I’d draw a black crucifix on my forehead 

• I walked the streets naked on at least 3 different occasions

• I dabbled in drug dealing

• I was sectioned in a psychiatric unit of a mental hospital for a month, after threatening to murder a racist white police officer (and also had a few other shorter stints in there)

• I attempted to take my own life 

• I served time in jail on two separate occasions

• The type of people that I began to attract and get on with were on a DIFFERENT level



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